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How to Stay Clear Of Mosquitoes

If you want to dodge being bitten by mosquitoes, there are many ways available. These flying insects are the reason many illnesses spread from person to person.

They are carriers of illnesses like Malaria, Dengue and West Nile fever. While spreading these illnesses, they also Mosquito 25cause itching and annoy people. There are some home treatments and methods to avoid getting bitten by these pesky mosquitoes.

Home Treatments & Remedies

Vanilla is a great way to stop these mosquitoes from biting you. They do not like the taste of vanilla and will not come near you. You can soak your clothes in vanilla water, and the mosquitoes will stay away. It is a very cheap way of repelling mosquitoes.

Garlic Juice is another way of repelling these insects. If you are heading out to an area where there are plenty of mosquitos, you can apply the garlic juice all over your body. However, take care not to let the Garlic juice go into your eyes.

There are many essential oils that also can be used to prevent bites from mosquitoes. Some of these oils when mixed with alcohol or distilled water are an excellent repellent. These mixtures can be applied to the body and clothes. Some of the essential oils that can be used include Lavender oil, Cedar oil, Basil oil, Citronella and Eucalyptus oil.

Mosquito 26There is some mosquito repelling plants that can also be planted in your garden that will help with getting rid of mosquitoes. You can even try rubbing the leaves of these plants on your body, and this will stop mosquitoes from seeing you as a target. The smell of the leaves will stop the insects from biting you. It is also advised to wear light-colored clothing as darker colors draw in more mosquitoes.

Cover your body from head to toe, so that mosquitoes will not have access to your skin. You can also use scented candles that are infused with herbs and oils that repel mosquitoes. There are many other over the counter solutions available but most of them contain harmful chemicals and should be avoided as much as possible. These chemicals can cause allergies and skin irritation if used too much.

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