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Most Search Terms

Google’s Most Searched Terms of 2014

gog3Google just released the most-searched terms on the internet from the whole year of 2014.

10)Olympics: Many teams participated during the winter olympics for their home countries last year in Russia and they were actually able to win the most gold medals on their home court.

9)Frozen: The movie has become a household item. The song from the movie has been seen over 258 million times on YouTube. The producers have spent several million dollars to produce this movie, they brought in billions of dollars. That is an enviable investment.

8)ISIS: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is one of the most successful and scariest terrorist group. They brutally attack, hold hostages and kill. They plan to attack US and Canada. The terrorist group behead people on live national television.
7) Ferguson: The fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson brought out the racial challenge the US is facing.

6)Flappy Bird: You surely heard about that very popular game last year. It was short-lived because the developer decided to take the game down. He got overwhelmed by the quick fix at making millions a day. Later on he realized he can be making a whole lot more if he put the game into backup for everyone to download into play, but by that time most people had lost interest.
gog5)ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: the popular talent hat spread like wildfire. This is where people pour ice cold water on themselves to raise money and awareness for share. It’s a really amazing cause but just too bad as not a lot of people donated.

4)Malaysia Airlines: This is the MAH plane that went missing and up to this day, we don’t really know what happened. There are speculations , however, ranging from the one that passengers on board along with crew members landed in Beijing. And then there was the other plane with hundred percent confirmed dead. It might have been shot down while flying over the ukraine and it could have been a terrorist attack.

3)Ebola: It’s no surprise that people are searching for that. The disease killed many people of West Africa. It’s very scary because this is a disease that can spread very quickly and therefore has seen cases in the US where one perso died. Other countries are very scared and they are screening everybody.gog2

2)World Cup: The World Cup is one the most followed events on earth. It brings in the most amount of people on broadcast TV. This came close to a billion on that one night full of World Cup in Brazil.

1)Robin Williams: This was a sombre one as the 63 year old committed suicide in his home, possibly due to depression.

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