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Healthy Eating Tips For Mexican Food Lovers

A very popular cuisine today is Mexican. It has bold and spicy flavors and is really delicious. Mexican salsas have become one of the top selling condiments. Mexican foods have become equally popular in term of sales as hamburgers. Today few people exercise constraint when consuming Mexican foods whenever they go for eat outs. With no time for exercise and other work related pressures or stress, these unhealthy lifestyles are a recipe for future lifestyle diseases. You can still maintain fitness when frequenting local Mexican restaurants.

Healthy eating tips for Mexican food lovers

The tortilla chips

fdgdgdfgfdgfdgfdgAbout ten to fifteen chips make up one serving. A single serving can have up to 500 calories. This is roughly 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The amount of fat in grams ranges from six onwards. As long as you do not exceed one serving, then all is well. This is now the hard part. Instead, you can pull out three or four large chips from your basket and shove it under the table. Break each chip into smaller pieces. Apply salsas on them and enjoy. When it comes to tortilla chips, just indulge yourself without going for overkill.

Refried beans

Refried beans are usually laden with lard. So a serving on your plate is comprised of carbs, unhealthy fat, a little protein, and fiber. You can request for black beans instead. They do not have additional fat brought about by lard, but instead, they contain more fiber. They also have a distinct flavor.

Flour tortillas

Just as with refried beans, flour tortillas are made of lard too. This type of fat is unhealthy and unnecessary. Avoid the fried corn taco shells entirely. Instead, order for soft corn tortillas. It comprises of water, salt and cornmeal. The delicate texture and sweet overtone are what separates them from other tortillas.


Mexican rice is fully white and is laden with cilantro, oil, and salsa. The additives are just fine; it’s the rice that is contentious. White rice is loaded with carbohydrates and high glycemic reacting substances. The healthier alternative to this is the long-grain rice. At the Mexican restaurant, you can substitute the rice for an extra salad where you add salsa as the top dressing.

Go slow with on cheesefdgdgdffdfdgfdg

Excluding cheese from your food at a Mexican outing is difficult. The only contention arises when too much cheese is stuffed on your food. If your meal comprises of queso, go for shredded cheese rather than consuming far less. You can also ask for shredded cheese which will be placed on a side-plate.

Feel free to use the hot sauce

Several articles and studies show that spicy foods assist in burning calories. The chemical property responsible is referred to as capsaicin. This spicy element is capable of suppressing appetite slightly increasing the body’s metabolism. Spices alone are insufficient for those trying to lose weight.

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